Causes Of Acne And How To Minimize It

About 17 million people in the US have acne, and approximately 80% of them are teenagers. Acne are areas of the skin with serborrhea (scaly red skins), whiteheads and blackheads, pimples, or scars. Acne happens around sebaceous follicles, or where there are glands that secretes sebum to lubricate hair and skin, and the body requires androgen. Androgen is a hormone that the body produces, especially during puberty regardless of sex. Hence the reason for acne affect mostly teenagers. Although most acne will clear up once adulthood is reached, some will still suffer from acne well into adulthood. Having acne severely affect a person’s self-esteem and causes major psychological issues. Therefore, treating acne is extremely important.

Understanding what could cause acne will go a long in learning how to treat and minimize or even clear up acne. It is common knowledge that hormonal changes will cause acne, but it could also be affected by a poor diet. Although there is not sufficient evident, there had been a positive association between a high glycemic load and bad acne. A connection has been made between acne and high consumption of sugar and chocolate. Despite heating debates, stress level had been associate with bad acne. When the body undergoes high stress level, it raises hormone levels thus it could trigger acne flares. According to a study in Singapore, there is a high correlation between high stress and severe acne. There are always, of course, a matter of genetics, infectious bacteria, and parasitic mite, Demodex. While we can’t do much about stopping the maturing changes in our bodies nor our genetic makeup, we can definitely work on the rest of the causes of acne.


Although it should be common sense, keeping our faces clean and clear of pores that will clog our skin cells and hair follicles should be a major step in reducing acne. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits would go a long way too. Know that sugary foods will increase the chances of developing severe acne. Avoid them at all cost. Tea tree oil has been known to help with acne. Azelaic acid, which is a natural compound found in wheat, rye, and barley, are found just as effective as acne medications such as benzoyl. However, although perfectly safe, it has been know to cause skin irritation. When all else fails, there’s always medications and topical cream such as Isoretinoin.